THE IMAGE YOU WANT: As a specialist in scientific graphics, I can create images or animations to suit your exacting scientific and professional requirements. Options range from a simple modification of an existing RKM image or animation to commissioning something entirely new.

PROCESS: It is easy to commission work. We discuss your requirements and then I provide you with a quote or range of prices. If you decide to go ahead we stay in regular contact (e-mails and or phone) to ensure the work evolves as you want.

COST: This depends on several factors including the creative effort, deadline, type of image, and final use (image reproduction size, placement, print run, usage etc.). You will get a quote for the total price.

WHAT YOU GET: a new or modified image, animation, or design and a permission to use it in a specified way. Your invoice will specify those uses.

COPYRIGHT: All rights (including copyright) remain with Russell Kightley. This is not a problem, since the licence will provide you with the uses you want.

TERMS: An upfront fee is required before work begins. Permission to use the design only applies when the full fee has been paid. Initial price quotes or estimates are for net amounts. Any local taxes, miscellaneous fees, currency exchange costs, or bank charges will be added to the cost and will form part of the overall fee. The fee is for the licence to use the work only and that licence is specified in the invoice. I do not sign any customer originated agreements. Payment by EFT (bank wire) unless agreed otherwise.

Please e-mail me and I'll be happy to discuss your requirements.


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