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SARS spread: Male (original image is 3720 pixels across, 7019 pixels vertically, and lacks all labels). SARS spread: Female (original image is 3940 pixels across, 6300 pixels vertically, and lacks all labels)

SARS VIRUS TRANSMISSION: Diagrams of the way the SARS virus might infect a person. These two graphics can be used as they are or you can add your own text, labels and other elements to tell the story you are covering. The SARS virus seems to enter the body through the eyes, nose and mouth. An important route seems to be touching objects that are contaminated with viruses. Close person to person contact seems important for efficient spread. These two graphics dramatise these routes of infection by showing virus particles entering the body via the eyes, nose and mouth. The importance of hands in transferring virus particles from objects to the face is also shown. The lungs are clearly displayed in both figures.
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