bee on blue flower # 1
BEE photo # 1
bee on blue flower # 1
BEE photo # 2
bee on blue flower # 1
BEE photo # 3
hovering bee near blue flower # 1
BEE hovering near flower # 4
photo of bee on blue flower # 1
BEE photo # 5

Bees visiting flowers in an Australian garden.

Bees collect nectar and pollen from flowers and so help in pollination. Honey Bees produce honey which is collected, along with beeswax from their hives. Beehives consist of arrays of hexagonal cells called the honeycomb. Honey flavours depend on the types of flowers that the bees visit and so the type of honey will vary from one beekeeper to the next. The beeswax from the honeycomb finds uses in the manufacture of candles and furniture polishes.

Technical details: images were taken with a Samsung NV3 digital camera (7.2 megapixels) using built in macro, autofocus and natural light. No flash and handheld.

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