set of 6 images of Amoeba proteus feeding in blue water

EXPLANATION OF AMOEBA FEEDING IMAGE: Illustration showing the fresh water protist (protozoan) Amoeba proteus feeding on a small ciliate. Starting at upper left:

  • 1. Amoeba extends pseudopodia in vicinity of food.
  • 2. Pseudopodia surround prey.
  • 3. Prey is now completely engulfed in a Food Vacuole.
  • 4. Food vacuole moves towards the rear end (uroid) of the amoeba.
  • 5. Water is extracted from the Food Vacuole and digestive enzymes are added.
  • 6. Finally, the undigested material is ejected at the cell surface.

Image (Artwork) of Amoeba proteus feeding. This image is 800 pixels across, the original image is 4200 x 2534 pixels. AMOEBA - classification (taxonomy) from ITIS all protist images / PROTISTA / PROTOCTISTA / PROTOZOA PICTURES: / Protozoan / Phylum Rhizopoda (Amoebas or Amebas) / Set of images of Amoeba engulfing prey (phagocytosis)

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