ALL CELLS / Animal Cell : nucleus / nucleolus / nuclear envelope / nuclear pore / centrioles / cell membrane / microtubule / smooth endoplasmic reticulum / rough endoplasmic reticulum / ribosomes / polysomes / lysosome / peroxisome / mitochondrion / Golgi /

animal cell diagram (graphic) with organelles labelled

ABOVE: Animal Cell Illustration with labels showing major organelles (plant cells are somewhat different). A cell is a complete functional biological unit with many different internal structures. Somewhat like an entire city in miniature. It is enclosed by a cell membrane and has a nucleus (shown in purple) in the middle. Cells are the building blocks of our bodies. However, the cells do not all look the same (like the bricks in a house). They are specialised to carry out all sorts of different jobs. For example, we have brain cells and muscle cells, which look quite different and do quite different jobs. Working together all these cells enable us to carry out all of the functions that a complex organism requires.
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