enter NUMBER:

or enter POWER (exponent):

or enter ROOT:

To use calculator:
  • enter a NUMBER in white box
  • CHOOSE ROOT from the pulldown menu or
  • enter POWER in the pink box. (e.g. 0.5 for square root) or
  • enter ROOT in the green box. (e.g. enter 44 for the 44th root)
  • press CALCULATE
  • press +History to list the results in the window
Answer appears in the pale blue box. This calculator has three ways of entering the root. For most purposes, the pulldown menu is best. However, you might want a much higher root (e.g. the 9999th root) in which case enter 9999 in the green root box. If you know the fractional power then you can enter that directly in the pink exponent box. For example, you can can get the square root by entering 0.5 in the pink box. In all cases the exponent appears in the pink box (for example, if you choose the square root then 0.5 appears in the pink box).

A root is written in the form n√x. Square roots are generally just written √x, and cube roots as3√x. You can also write them as a fractional power so that the square root of 10 can be written 100.5 or 101/2 and the cube root as 100.33333 or 101/3.

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