Calculate a NUMBER (base) raised to a POWER (exponent)

diagram of number and exponentTo use this calculator, simply enter a number and then raise it to a power. For example, if you wanted to calculate 103 enter 10 in the NUMBERS box and 3 in the exponent or POWER box. The calculator will then compute 10x10x10 and give you the answer 1000.

The History Window gives you a convenient way to store your results. When you have a result that you'd like to keep simply click the Add to History button. You can easily select, copy, and paste from that window.

If you put a minus in front of the number then you will get a positive or negative result depending on whether the power is an even or an odd number. Even powers will give you a positive result whereas odd powers will give you a negative result. This is because a minus number times a minus number gives you a positive answer.

If you put a minus in front of the power then you will get an inverse (i.e one divided by the number raised to that power. For example, if you put 2 in the numbers box and you put -3 in the power box you get 2-3 which is equal to 1/2x2x2 = 1/8 = 0.125.

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