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...enter known values for cone radius & height
... then click GET button. No letters or units (e.g. enter 22 not 22 cm)
Formula / equation:
ENTER Cone Radius > = r
ENTER Cone Height (h) > = h
Cone Side = = s (length of slope / slant / side)
Cone Circumference = = 2 π r (circumference of base of cone)
Cone Base Area = = π r2 (area of circle that forms base of cone)
Cone Curved Surface Area = = π r s (surface area of the sloping wall of the cone)
TOTAL CONE AREA = = π r2 + π r s (area of base + area of wall)
CONE VOLUME = = 1/3 (π r2)h (one third base area x height)

Figure shows a cone with equations (formulae) for circumference, circle area, surface area, and conical volume. This cone also available as a 3D stereo anaglyph.

This calculator will work out the surface area of a cone and the volume of a cone if you enter the cone radius and height. Only enter numbers (e.g. enter 22 not 22 cm). If you try to enter a unit of measure (e.g. 22 metres, 4 miles, 10 cm) you will get an NAN (Not A Number) error appear in each box. When you have entered the numbers, click the GET button.

SURFACE AREA OF A CONE is the area of base (π r 2) + area of the sloping wall π r s.

VOLUME OF A CONE is the area of the base (π r 2) times the height (h) divided by three = 1/3 π r 2 h.

To convert between lengths (e.g. centimeters to inches) see our Length & Distance Converter. For weights and volumes (especially in recipes) see our Recipe Converter. Sphere: Calculate surface area and volume of a sphere.

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