This calculator will work out the digital root from any whole number. The digital root is the iterated sum of all the digits that make up a number. For example, the number 567 would compute as 5+6+7 = 18, 1+8 = 9. So the digital root of 567 is 9. Digital roots are used in numerology.

This calculator will handle very long numbers. For example, you could enter the number 9 one hundred times. The calculator will show you that the number was 100 digits long. 9 x 100 = 900 so you should see 900 in the sum of digits entered box. 9+0+0=9, so you should see 9 in the digital root box.

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Iteratively add digits
< enter any whole number at left
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all the individual digits above added together gives > < sum of all digits entered
Digital Root of Number > Digital Root generated by adding all digits repeatedly until only one digit remains

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