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To use this calculator enter a value in any box (use the yellow box for Celsius, the green box for Kelvin, or the pink box for Fahrenheit) then click outside that box to get all of the other temperature scale equivalents. Note that you cannot enter values below absolute zero (-273.15 oC). If you do, all values default to their value for absolute zero. Since absolute zero is the lowest theoretical temperature (at which motion stops) in would be misleading to offer conversions below that level.

Temperature is a measure of the kinetic energy of particles. For example, the temperature of a gas depends on the speed of the gas molecules. Water freezes at 0oC and boils at 100oC. See our animation of boiling water.

Temperature is measured by thermometers which can use columns of alcohol (coloured) or mercury. They rely on the expansion of these liquids as they heat up or cool down.

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