Café Street RELEASED Christmas 2020

Café Street & Other Stories. An unimportant man chats to his television. The best laid plans for a green and vegan world go wrong. A man wakes up as a woman, or so he thinks. A busy street becomes an eerie café. A plague party with the neighbours. A bad-news addict, a doomscroller, gets his comeuppance. And a grandfather writes a book in code. But who's it really for? Sit in Café Street and sip the heady brew. But hurry up. You don't have long.

TIME AERIALS: A Time Travel Diversion. A time machine in a terraced house. Death pulses driven by evolution. An exploding universe resets. Assassins from the future. Time-leaking horror flies. The Mind Library. A time virus. Books that mutate. And finally, zombies outside your window. And you know that zombies can't be real... Philosophical science fiction to rip your world apart.

Yesterday Makers: A Story from a Time Machine. Paxton's world is smaller than he thinks. Pierce is debonair and dashing, but he's just as trapped. Qualia reads about them both and achieves enlightenment. Philosophical science fiction to undermine your reality...

Qualia, Pierce, & the Time Ship: A Marriage in Four Parts. Qualia is young again and seeing a psychiatrist. Her husband, who's paying for the doctor, ignores her. There's something wrong with her world. Then she gets a book of clues... Metafiction meets philosophical sci-fi. Go down the rabbit hole.

Lethe's Road. Words shift. That's the only sign we're in a different life. Lethe is the forgetting river in Hades, but some memories survive death...

Global Replace & Other Stories: Two wives share a house divided. A writer writes himself a sexy new partner. A backseat driver's trapped. An elevator runs out of floors. And clothes control the man. Short, sharp jabs into your mind. Philosophical sci-fi that's easy to swallow but hard to digest.

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