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I'm an Australian science animator and I'm available for commissioned work. Please email me to discuss. Simple and straightforward animations can help promote your business or further your educational objectives. The animations below give you an idea of what is available. If you want to use an animation you can see all available FHD (1920x 1080 pixels) ones here: and they can be licenced for educational or commercial use. Please email me to discuss using these animations.
gravitational waves
Gravitational Waves & Black Holes
Photons Powerick Spacecraft
Photon Drive
gear wheels: gear ratio
corner cube reflector
Corner Cube
gear wheels: gear ratio
4-stroke petrol engine
gear wheels: gear ratio
Diesel engine
gear wheels: gear ratio
gears: gear ratio
RGB additive colour mixing
RGB additive colour mixing
RGB additive colour mixing
CMYK subtractive colour mixing
printing inks
Printing Inks CMYK
HIV structure
HIV structure
circulation of the blood animation
Blood Circulation
EYE accommodation or focusing
EYE accommodation
Myopia: short sight
Myopia: short sight
Hypermetropia: long sight
Hypermetropia: long sight
IDEAL GAS: pressure volume relationship: BNoyle's Law
GAS: pressure volume
IDEAL GAS: pressure & temperature
GAS: pressure temperature
IDEAL GAS: mixture and partial pressures
GAS: partial pressures
IDEAL GAS: effusion
GAS: effusion
saturated vapour pressure dynamic equilibrium
Vapour pressure
convection current
convection current in a room heater
Convection: room heater
double convection currents in a room heater
Double convection current
projectile range
projectile range
compression wave or longitudinal wave, e.g. a sound wave
compression wave
wave superposition
wave superposition 1
wave superposition: spherical wave interference
spherical wave interference
wave harmonic frequencies
wave harmonic frequencies
harmonics 2
standing wave created by superpositioning of a wave and its reflection
standing wave superpositioning
DNA animation
DNA #1
DNA animation
DNA #2
DNA animation
DNA #3
RNA animation
solid of revolution 1 animation
Solid of Revolution #1
solid of revolution 1 animation
Solid of Revolution #2
solid of revolution 1 animation
Solid of Revolution #3
solid of revolution 1 animation
Solid of Revolution #4
solid of revolution 1 animation
Solid of Revolution #5
solid of revolution 1 animation
Solid of Revolution #6
Influenza virus animation

Influenza Virus
Hepatitis-C virus animation
Herpes virus animation
Herpes Virus
adeno associated virus animation
Adenovirus Ad-36 animation
Adenovirus Ad-36
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) animation of rotating virion (virus particle)
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
Mimivirus animation of rotating virion (virus particle)
DNA animation
Rabies virus
HIV life cycle animation
HIV life cycle
Influenza virus structure animation
Virus Structure
Rabies virus structure animation
Rabies Virus 2
Hepatitis B Virus animation
Hepatitis B Virus
HPV animation of rotating virion (virus particle)
HPV #2
Rotavirus animation of rotating virion (virus particle)
water molecule animation
methane molecule animation
methanol animation
ethanol molecule animation
carbon dioxide molecule animation
nitrogen molecule animation
ammonia molecule animation
buckminsterfullerene molecule animation
Bucky ball
diamond animation
sodium chloride animation
ethylene molecule animation
polarising filter animation
Gold atoms
polarising filter animation
polarising filter
concave (parabolic reflector) mirror animation
Concave Mirror
refractive index animation
rays refracting through a lens animation
refractive index changing in a lens
convex lens animation
lens changing shape showing light cone
convex lens animation
converging lens changing shape showing light rays
concave lens animation
diverging lens changing shape showing light rays
prism animation
prism changing shape showing light rays
Refraction of a light beam in a rotating prism
Refraction in a rotating prism
Dispersion of Light in a Prism
Dispersion of Light
Parabolic Reflector
Parabolic Reflector
Convex Parabolic Mirror
Convex Parabolic Mirror
Total Internal Reflection
Total Internal Reflection
Fibre Optic
Fibre Optic
distorting mirror animation
mirror: bending
spherical mirror animation
mirror: spherical
distorting mirror animation
mirror: concave to convex
makeup mirror animation
mirror: makeup
distorting mirror animation
magnifying glass
LASER animation
Geostationary Satellite
Earth's tilt and origin of the seasons
Phases of the Moon
Phases of the Moon
solar system showing orbits of the planets
Solar System
simulated orbit of the planet Mercury
Mercury Orbital
simulated orbit around an attractor whose force is proprtional to 1/r
Rosette Orbit
pulsar animation
magnetar animation
Supernova type II
Supernova type II
Black Hole rosette orbit
Black Hole rosette orbit
globular cluster
globular cluster
protein folding into alpha helix
Protein Folding
Uranium atom
Uranium atom
Lead atom
Lead atom
Garden Sundial
Garden Sundial
Vertical Sundial on a wall
Vertical Sundial
Doppler Effect
Doppler Effect
General priciple
Doppler Effect: Sonic Boom, Supersonic Shock Wave
Sonic Boom
Supersonic shock Wave
Doppler Effect: Sonic Boom, Supersonic Shock Wave
Sound Barrier
Doppler Effect: change in sound of engine of a passing car
Doppler Effect
change in pitch of a car engine
Doppler Effect
Doppler Effect Star
Redshift & Blueshift
Bow wave of ship
Doppler Effect
Ships Bow Wave
electric circuit
Electrical circuit
electric circuit bulbs in series
bulbs in series
electric circuit bulbs in parallel
bulbs in parallel
3-way switch electric circuit
three way switch
photoelectric effect graphic
photoelectric effect
carbon dioxide molecule & IR photon
Global Warming CO2 and infrared
visualise pi, π graphic
hours in a lifetime
visualise pi, π graphic
visualise pi, π
derive surface area of a cylinder graphic
derive area of cylinder
derive area of a circle graphic
derive area of circle
derive surface area of a sphere graphic
derive area of sphere
derive volume of a sphere graphic
derive volume of sphere
ellipse animation
parabola animation
hyperbola animation
icosahedron animation
truncated icosahedron animation
truncated icosahedron
tetrahedron animation
octahedron animation
dodecahedron animation
cube animation
sine wave and cosine wave animation
sine wave
(y = sin x)
cosine wave
(y = cos x)
tangent graph animation (y = tan x)
tangent graph
(y = tan x)
plane tangent to a surface
tangent to a surface
Pythagoras' Theorem animation
conic sections animation
Conic Sections
Cartesian Coordinates animation
Pythagoras' Theorem steampunk animation
Sine Wave Engine Steampunk Animation
Sine Wave
Tan Wave Engine Steampunk Animation
Tan Wave

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY & MATH VIDEO ANIMATION LIBRARY you can licence these animations for many different uses. Please e-mail me giving as many details as you can and I'll quote a price. Animations can be rendered at various sizes.

Please click on a thumbnail to see the animation. You will need the latest version of QuickTime. Windows users please see QuickTime for Windows. QuickTime is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.


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